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Etsy Treasury Tuesday: A Little Blue Bird Told Me…

Hey fans! We recently gave our Tumblr and main website a HUGE makeover.  With the new changes, you can now easily access our social network sites.  Bonus - We included a custom order form request link on our networks.  We’ve gotten many requests on having a custom order form available (aside from contacting us via Etsy).  We love to get in touch with everyone :) Thanks to everyone who have been really supportive since we first started. We’re gonna ring in the new year with bigger and better changes.  This is just a start :D

Please let me know what you think!  Take care and stay  kawaii <3

Here is a custom order that I did that features the manga “kamisama hajimemashita”.  If you’re interested in having a custom order like this one (we also do photo jewelry as well!), head on over to our custom order bracelet listing <3

Here is a custom order headband that I did recently.  It features the manga InuYasha :)  

I also make photo jewelry and accessories as well. Just check out the listings on the custom order section :)

Want a similar headband like the one above? Here is the listing for the custom order headband :D

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