Etsy Treasury Tuesday: Autumn Leaves

Autumn is slowly making its way to our hearts. The falling of the leaves are always a tell-tale sign for cozier weather to come.

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Etsy Treasury Tuesday: The 12th Doctor

Excited about Season 8 of Doctor Who? This treasury list is dedicated to the 12 Doctor (played by Peter Capaldi).

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Etsy Treasury Tuesday: Dark and Sultry

Etsy Treasury Tuesday: Fifty Shades of Blue

Etsy Treasury Tuesday: Mardi Gras 2013

DIY Tutorial: Comic Book Shoes

I guess you could say this is a revised tutorial from the previous post I wrote on decoupaging shoes with comic book strips.  Here’s an elaborate version of the tutorial :) 


  • Mod Podge Outdoor formula.  This is necessary if you plan to wear your shoes outside.  It’ll prevent your shoes from being exposed to the elements. 
  • Disposable gloves to protect your hands in case you spilled the decoupage medium while working on your project.
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • Pair of inexpensive shoes.  For this project, I used a pair that I bought from Payless.  Usually a smooth surface such as faux leather and canvas works best for decoupaging.
  • A couple of comic book strips.  You can use any of your favorite comic books to decorate your shoes.  Here, I used comic strips from one of the Doctor Who issues (isn’t the Eleventh Doctor adorable <3)


  • Glitter and rhinestones (if you want to add some decorations on your shoes) 


Make sure you clean the surface of the shoes.  Any residue leftover on the shoe will prevent the comic book strips from sticking when decoupaging.  

This is the part that excites me - cutting the comic book strips!  Have an idea as to where the comic strips will be placed on your shoes.  It may seem time-consuming at first, but with a bit of patience, you’ll eventually find the pieces to fit around the shoes.  What I usually like to do is take the larger panel comic strips and glue it on the curve of the shoes as well as the front of the shoe.  Once I cover the larger areas, then whatever smaller pieces I have, I usually fill it in the gaps.  Sometimes the pieces may overlap but it gives it a nice collage effect!  

With each piece, take your Mod Podge and glue onto the pieces one at a time.  Let the pieces dry in between so as to prevent the comic book strips from sliding.  

Once both shoes are covered with your favorite comic, allow them to dry fully.  If you need to add additional coats, wait until 1 - 2 hours before you can apply another coat.  Minimum amount of coats to prevent the comic book shoes from peeling is 3 coats.  If you want to add some glitter and rhinestones to give it some “bling”, you can do so :)  I left mines the way they were (because I didn’t want to make the shoes look “disco-ish”).  

After your shoes are fully dried, test out your shoes.  If they feel comfortable and there are no peeling occur, you’re ready to make heads turn ;)  They make great conversational pieces!  I remember wearing my Doctor Who shirt and jeans with these decoupaged shoes.

Have fun! Until next time, Stay kawaii <3

Etsy Treasury Tuesday: Pixel Hearts

Etsy Treasury Tuesday: YOLO

Shop Update for Our International Customers

A friendly reminder to all of our international customers who are planning to purchase our items via our Etsy shop -

As of January 27, 2013 the USPS has dramatically increased their shipping rates (most notably for First Class International). Before the change, we normally charge $5.00 for the shipping rate (and with every item it will be a $1.00 extra).  

After looking over the rates for various countries and calculating the weight of our jewelry pieces, we are now charging $7.00 for our shipping rate (and with every item it will be a $1.00 extra).

Please understand that we are doing our best to make sure that we are not overcharging our customers.  It really makes me sad to read the new rates via the USPS website.  

The shop is now updated with the new pricing in effect.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  

Lots of items for Sale!

Hey everyone! We added a lot of items for SALE!  Don’t forget to check them out at our shop <3  If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, we have a lot of great items that will fit the budget :)