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Extended the custom order bracelet giveaway!

Hey everyone, I will be extending the giveaway a bit further!  The giveaway will end on September 30th. I’ll announce the three winners on the first week of October. I want to let everyone participate on the giveaway! So post your responses on what you want on your custom order bracelet on our Facebook page which is


We have statement rings available at our shop!  I also accept custom orders for it as well :)

Remember, if you would like a custom order, check us out at!  Or you can fill out a form from our website which is

Here are two custom orders that I’ve done that is from the manga Fairy Tail.  The first pair features NaLu.  The other pair features Juvia.  I personally like the NaLu earrings more since I think they look cute together <3  

Want something similar like the ones from above? We have the listing here!

Here is a custom order headband that I did recently.  It features the manga InuYasha :)  

I also make photo jewelry and accessories as well. Just check out the listings on the custom order section :)

Want a similar headband like the one above? Here is the listing for the custom order headband :D

Here is a custom order that I did recently.  This manga heart-shaped wooden pendant necklace features the Chapter 5 cover of Strawberry Panic!  

Want something similar? We have the custom order listing for personalizing your own manga heart-shaped wooden pendant necklace :)

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