Extended the custom order bracelet giveaway!

Hey everyone, I will be extending the giveaway a bit further!  The giveaway will end on September 30th. I’ll announce the three winners on the first week of October. I want to let everyone participate on the giveaway! So post your responses on what you want on your custom order bracelet on our Facebook page which is http://facebook.com/artworkbyredlotusdesignz


We have statement rings available at our shop!  I also accept custom orders for it as well :)

Remember, if you would like a custom order, check us out at http://redlotusdesignz.etsy.com!  Or you can fill out a form from our website which is http://redlotusdesignz.com/customorderform.html

Here are two custom orders that I’ve done that is from the manga Fairy Tail.  The first pair features NaLu.  The other pair features Juvia.  I personally like the NaLu earrings more since I think they look cute together <3  

Want something similar like the ones from above? We have the listing here!


Here is a custom order headband that I did recently.  It features the manga InuYasha :)  

I also make photo jewelry and accessories as well. Just check out the listings on the custom order section :)

Want a similar headband like the one above? Here is the listing for the custom order headband :D


Here is a custom order that I did recently.  This manga heart-shaped wooden pendant necklace features the Chapter 5 cover of Strawberry Panic!  

Want something similar? We have the custom order listing for personalizing your own manga heart-shaped wooden pendant necklace :)