LootCrate September 2014 Review

Hello geeky friends! It feels like it’s been a while since our last crate but we’re happy to report that we received our September 2014 LootCrate.  This month’s theme - “Galactic”! 

Here’s a general overview of our unboxing:

For this month’s LootCrate, it focuses on major science fiction favorites such as Star Trek, Star Wars and Firefly.  

I really thought the Star Trek Tribble plus toy was adorable! It makes a great centerpiece.  Plus, a great conversation starter!

The Alien figurine is definitely a keeper.  Aside from the details, this will be perfect to display for Halloween (or any figurines that matches the horror scheme).  At least we don’t have to worry about the figurine coming to life O__O

This was my absolute favorite! I’m a fan of Firefly and seeing the figurine and bank money replica definitely made me happy.  Too bad the money isn’t real! 

The rest of the goodies from the box includes a Star Wars magnet, a code to download free Halo comics, Pop Rocks candy, Star Wars poster and the LootCrate September 2014 button. 

The one gripe I had about the LootCrate box was the inclusion of the Pop Rock candy. While it does fit the “Galactic” theme, I personally think this is something that you can purchase from a convenience store.  What they should’ve added is more downloadable content.  

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the crate! Did you get yours in the mail yet? Let me know in the comments on your thoughts.

Until next time…stay nerdy my friends!


Highlights from NYCC 2013 (Gallery) - Part 1

The first day of the NYCC 2013 event began on Thursday October 10, 2013.  At the last minute, we purchased the passes just to see what workshops and booths were available.  I was very estatic to meet a couple of great artists including Songbird Ocarina, David (a.k.a. Docjazz44), a well-known ocarina musician, Jessica Nigri (famous cosplayer) and the artists from Cyanide & Happiness.  Talking to them made me felt super! Not only that they’re humble, they have a great sense of humor :)   

Being the paparazzi that I am, I took plenty of pictures to highlight our adventure for the Thursday event.  We hope you enjoy! 

Part 2 will follow soon…