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Here is a custom order that I did that features the manga “kamisama hajimemashita”.  If you’re interested in having a custom order like this one (we also do photo jewelry as well!), head on over to our custom order bracelet listing <3

Here are two custom orders that I’ve done that is from the manga Fairy Tail.  The first pair features NaLu.  The other pair features Juvia.  I personally like the NaLu earrings more since I think they look cute together <3  

Want something similar like the ones from above? We have the listing here!

Here is a custom order that I did recently.  This manga heart-shaped wooden pendant necklace features the Chapter 5 cover of Strawberry Panic!  

Want something similar? We have the custom order listing for personalizing your own manga heart-shaped wooden pendant necklace :)

Great news everyone! Our prices on our necklaces, rings, and headbands have been reduced! This includes our custom order listings as well!

Just to give you a heads up on the new price breakdown…

Bottle Cap Necklaces - $5.00 

Bottle Cap Rings - $4.00

Dog tag Necklaces - $10.00

Headbands - $10.00

We also reduced the prices on the Jewelry sets as well!

Check it out!

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