Here are two custom orders that I’ve done that is from the manga Fairy Tail.  The first pair features NaLu.  The other pair features Juvia.  I personally like the NaLu earrings more since I think they look cute together <3  

Want something similar like the ones from above? We have the listing here!

For those who have bigger wrists, here’s a Flat Exterior bangle that is 1.5 inches in width and 3” inner diameter.  This features Ichigo and Rukia from the manga Bleach :)  It was a lot of fun making this bangle because for one, the flat exterior bangle gives me a lot more room to work with ^^

If you’re interested in buying this one, here is the link :)

Just want to remind everyone that we’re still doing custom orders ^^ If you have a manga in mind that you would like for me to put on the bracelet (or any of the jewelry custom orders we offer at the shop), let me know!  Thanks <3 <3