Crochet Hair Bows Galore

Hey loves! For those who have been checking up on our store, you’ll noticed that we posted a lot of crochet hair bows (large and small versions) on our shop.  I think I lost track on how many items are there!  If you check out our main shop, we have a variety of hair bows ranging from video-game related to comic books.  All of our bows are handmade and include a durable hair clip that won’t break or fall off.  

We recently bought the 1.25 inch button machine so that way we can make the smaller versions of our hair bows.  

Overall, I’m very proud of the results and quality of the hair bows and we hope you enjoy them too! 

For more info on our custom order listings, check out our images below and the links to our shops :) 

Happy shopping! 

DIY Tutorial: Comic Book Nails

​A couple of months ago, I posted up a picture of my comic book nails that I did just for fun.  Some of our fans have asked me to do a tutorial on these nails.  As promised, here it is! It’s very easy to do, but requires a lot of patience.  So if you’re ready to take the plunge, get your materials ready and lets have some fun!


  • ​Favorite comic book of your choice (here I used the manga version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch).
  • Acrylic nails kit with glue (you can get them at your local drugstore like Walgreens)​
  • White Nail Polish
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • Nail Polish dryer (optional)​
  • Tiny Scissors
  • ​Mod Podge Outdoor glue


  1. ​Using the acrylic nails kit with glue, apply the nails that fits to your nail shape.  For this one, I used the oval shape since I wanted to give the illusion of longer nails.  Plus, you’ll have a larger canvas to work with when you apply the comic book strips.
  2. Using white nail polish, apply them on your nails and wait for them to dry.  To speed up the drying time, you can use a nail polish dryer to cut the time.​
  3. Now here comes the fun part!  Take a small pair of scissors and cut tiny strips from the comic book.  Gently take a dab of Mod Podge Outdoor glue and apply them over the nails.  Layer the comic book strips onto the nails and let them dry.  For each nail, depending on the length, it can take you anywhere between 5-7 minutes per nail.  ​
  4. Once the nails are covered with comic book strips, let them dry for about 5-10 minutes.  At this point, you can apply clear nail polish to seal the artwork.  It’ll also add a glossy texture.  To speed up the drying, you can always use the nail polish dryer.  
  5. You’re done! Admire your geek-tastic nails and prepare to receive some compliments ;)​

​I hope you enjoy the tutorial! Remember - practice and patience will go a long way in recreating this look :) Have fun!  

Pinback Buttons and Pocket Mirrors now available

Remember the previous post in regards to my DIY tutorial on creating pinback buttons and pocket mirrors with one machine? Well…I did say that I was planning on buying the machine.  And guess what? I DID! 

I’m in love with this machine :) Very versatile and sturdy to handle!  ​I’ve managed to create some pinback buttons and pocket mirrors.  The quality of these items are remarkable. 

I do have the custom order listings available at our shop!  We also sell the premade items as well under the Pinback Buttons and Pocket Mirror sections.  ​

Here are the listings below.  As always, our custom orders can feature your favorite character or photo of your choice!  I’m looking forward to creating custom order photo pinback buttons and pocket mirrors! They would be perfect for the upcoming wedding and prom season :)

Big Announcement from Royal Nerd!

I’m really, really super excited to post this update!  

As many of you are aware, our friend Alanna (a.k.a. Himechan) from RoyalNerd has been a huge supporter of our shop.  ​Every now and then, she would often post rave reviews about her InuYasha goodies that she bought from our shop on her YouTube channel as well as on Twitter and Facebook :) 

I can’t tell you how much I am happy to hear when I read the post from Royal Nerd that our dear friend will be making her debut as a voice actress on the upcoming video game “OddPlanet.”​

Do you know how freaking awesome that is? IT IS THAT AWESOME!  Even myself as a game developer knows what its like to promote your very own indie game on the scene.​

Here is the article of their announcement:

And here’s the adorable Ms Alanna on her latest vlog :)​

​She also has her Indiegogo campaign on raising money to support the OddPlanet project:

​I urge everybody to contribute as much as they can in helping her dream come true.  I would love to see the final completion of OddPlanet! 

Etsy Treasury Tuesday: Comic Book Mirrors

New items added to the shop

Hey everyone! We recently posted some more earrings to our shop!

Our new shop link is!  You can now find all of our premade items (and custom order listings) at our shop.

As always, we’re still taking custom orders at our Etsy storefront!