DIY Tutorial: Comic Book Cuff Links

​With the wedding and prom season approaching, I figured it would be awesome to post a DIY tutorial on creating comic book cuff links.  Some cuff links that are sold online can be quite expensive, depending on the material being used.  Here, I’ll show you a simpler and cheaper way to make your one of a kind cuff links without sacrificing quality! 

You will need:

    • ​Comic book of your choice (I used this comic book issue of Betty and Veronica).
    • Glue (I’m using Alenes Quick Dry Tacky Glue).
    • Scissors
    • Cuff link blanks (available here on Amazon)
    • Square glass tiles (available here on Amazon)
    • Cardboard paper of your choice.
    • E600 glue (you can find them at your local craft store such as Michaels).
    • Resin.​

    ​I hope you find this tutorial helpful! Let me know what you think in the comments :) Take care and good luck <3

    New items added to the shop

    Hey everyone! We recently posted some more earrings to our shop!

    Our new shop link is!  You can now find all of our premade items (and custom order listings) at our shop.

    As always, we’re still taking custom orders at our Etsy storefront!

    Major update on our Shop. Please read!

    As some may have noticed, we made changes on our website as well as our Etsy store front.  We moved our pre made and custom order listings on our main website which is located under the Shop tab.  

    After much thought and consideration, we decided that it was best to move the items for convenience sake.  

    We are still accepting custom orders via Etsy!  But we will no longer post premade items on our Etsy store front.  All of our items will be going to our main page.

    Just in time for the Chinese New Year!  Two years ago, we started our shop on Etsy around this time.  After receiving positive feedback, we decided to move them on our main website :)  

    We want everyone to feel connected with what we do! As always, shipping here in the USA is free :)  We also welcome our international customers!  

    Many thanks to everyone who have supported us along the way :D  

    Stay kawaii <3