A lovely custom order bracelet featuring Sailor Moon

I finished making a wonderful custom order bracelet that features Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask :) It was a real joy making this bracelet since Sailor Moon is my favorite hero. She was the reason why I started my love obsession with anime and manga :D Most of my mangas that I’ve collected over the years were not as elaborate as the Sailor Moon series. I still have the Sailor Moon DVDs that my dearie bought for me as a present a long time ago. I hope you enjoy the bracelet!

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Back To School Custom Order Bracelet Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Just posted on the Blog for more details on the giveaway!

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Here is a custom order that I did that features the manga “kamisama hajimemashita”.  If you’re interested in having a custom order like this one (we also do photo jewelry as well!), head on over to our custom order bracelet listing <3


Hey everyone! Just wanted to share some cool pictures of a Doctor Who bracelet that I made for myself.  This features the 10th Doctor.  I made this on a whim before attending an important meeting.  Lets just say that when I made my speech to the public, the bracelet gave me a bit of good luck hehe.  

If you’re a big fan of Doctor Who and are interested in having a custom order like the bracelet above, let me know! Hop on over to http://redlotusdesignz.etsy.com and check out our custom order bracelet listing. 

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