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Hey fans! We recently gave our Tumblr and main website a HUGE makeover.  With the new changes, you can now easily access our social network sites.  Bonus - We included a custom order form request link on our networks.  We’ve gotten many requests on having a custom order form available (aside from contacting us via Etsy).  We love to get in touch with everyone :) Thanks to everyone who have been really supportive since we first started. We’re gonna ring in the new year with bigger and better changes.  This is just a start :D

Please let me know what you think!  Take care and stay  kawaii <3

Who likes freebies? We’re doing a CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!

Here’s the scoop - we have two handmade Christmas Ornaments that will look great on your Christmas Tree. One features Mistress 9 from Sailor Moon and the other features Kagome from InuYasha.

Rules are very simple - go to our post on our Facebook page and comment below the giveaway post with the words “MANGA XMAS”. Two winners will be randomly chosen on December 10th, 2012. Once we announce the winners, please send us a convo via our Etsy shop and let us know where to mail your prize. GOOD LUCK!!!

Here is a custom order that I did that features the manga “kamisama hajimemashita”.  If you’re interested in having a custom order like this one (we also do photo jewelry as well!), head on over to our custom order bracelet listing <3

Here are two custom orders that I’ve done that is from the manga Fairy Tail.  The first pair features NaLu.  The other pair features Juvia.  I personally like the NaLu earrings more since I think they look cute together <3  

Want something similar like the ones from above? We have the listing here!

Here is a custom order headband that I did recently.  It features the manga InuYasha :)  

I also make photo jewelry and accessories as well. Just check out the listings on the custom order section :)

Want a similar headband like the one above? Here is the listing for the custom order headband :D

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