Hey everyone! Just wanted to share some cool pictures of a Doctor Who bracelet that I made for myself.  This features the 10th Doctor.  I made this on a whim before attending an important meeting.  Lets just say that when I made my speech to the public, the bracelet gave me a bit of good luck hehe.  

If you’re a big fan of Doctor Who and are interested in having a custom order like the bracelet above, let me know! Hop on over to http://redlotusdesignz.etsy.com and check out our custom order bracelet listing. 

Just want to remind everyone that the custom order giveaway is still going on!  Make sure you “like” us on our Facebook page (http://facebook.com/artworkbyredlotusdesignz) and comment on what YOU would like for a custom order :) I will announce the winners on April 30 ^_^ 

Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see your comments!!!

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